Sunday, October 9, 2011

Build a Rope Swing in only One Year!

Around a year ago I got an idea to hang a rope swing off of the big tree in our front yard. I promptly went to Menards and purchased a strong piece of nylon rope. The next day I managed to hang the rope securely from the tree. Step one and two complete! The next step I took was a bit unconventional... I waited a year. Fall, winter, spring, and summer came and went and our odd looking piece of white rope hung uselessly from the tree, no swing in sight.

Then this fall I found a fellow father that has skills and tools in the area of welding that I certainly do not possess. I explained what I wanted and within a day he had it made, welded, and painted. I recently installed it and am proud to say, the wait has been worth it. Below are a few pics and a video of the kids enjoying their new tree swing today.

So to recap, if you want your own awesome tree swing you can build it just the same way I did:

1. Buy rope
2. Hang rope
3. Wait 1 year
4. Find a friend who welds
5. Install welded swing
6. Watch the magic happen.

If you want to try the short version you can skip step three but I cannot vouch for what effect it will have on the final product.


  1. Step 3 shows up in many home improvement projects around our house as well. I laughed pretty hard last week when my Dad admitted the same thing. Keep up the great work...on your own time :)