Friday, July 22, 2011


One of my favorite things about raising kids is learning their quirks. Here's an example of what I mean:

Our kids love Twizzlers...I mean, who doesn't right? The funny thing is that each of our three girls has a unique way they eat their Twizzlers that is unlike the others.

#1: The Nibbler - Our oldest will work on one Twizzler for at least 15 minutes, taking mouse sized nibbles along the way.

#2: The All-At-Once - Child 2.0 prefers to stuff the entire Twizzler in her mouth at once. Maybe has something to do with the psychology of the middle child, although we have never taken a Twizzler away from her mid-chew.

#3: The Double-Fister - Child 3.0 has to have two Twizzlers at a time. She usually holds one in each hand and alternates bites of each. Each Twizzler has to stay the same length as the other as she eats. We would need a micrometer to measure the difference between them. A new variant of this style is that once the Twizzlers reach a length shorter than about two inches, she discards them and requests replacements.

To me, quirks like these are what makes life with kids hilarious. I will treasure these and the many other quirks our kids display, long after they are grown.

So what are some of the quirks you love about your kids?