Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Anniversary....with Four Kids

My wife and I were married 8 years and 364 days ago today.  For those who aren't great at math that means our 9th anniversary is tomorrow.  The picture above is us on our wedding day. Don't we look so young, vibrant, and full of energy.  We had the world by the tail and all we needed was love.

The past nine years have taken us on quite an adventure.  As a couple we have gone through 5 jobs, 2 Masters Degrees, 4 houses, and created four new lives. We still have the world by the tail, but now all we need is a nap.  By the world's standards we are still quite young, I just turned 33 and my wife is only 30.  Outwardly we still look fairly similar to the picture we took on our wedding day.  However the ride we have been on together for the past 3285 days has left us often feeling more like this:

Our first anniversary was magical, a two day trip to Chicago that included trips to the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, and the top of the Sears Tower.  Wonderful dinners and a beautiful hotel made it a memorable anniversary indeed.  Compared to that, tomorrow's "celebration" will be a markedly different affair. It will probably include a 6:30am wakeup call and "what's for breakfast Dad?", baths x4, dress up time, diaper changes, baby feedings, dinner at home, and bedtime stories.  When 8:30 comes and three of the four are tucked in their beds, I will look lovingly into the eyes of my one true love, and yawn.  This won't bother her however, because she will probably be asleep sitting up on the couch.

Make no mistake, we are more in love than we were even on that wonderful day in June of 2002.  This is a stage of life and like all stages, it will pass.  We have worked hard to avoid becoming "partners in the marriage business" as so many fall victim to. It is tough with young kids.  They don't care that it is your anniversary.  They still need to have those basic needs met and its your job to meet them.  When you feel run down by the demands of parenthood and your kids are absolutely kicking your butt, and you and your beautiful wife look at each other and ask "what is that stuff on your shirt?", and "is 8:30 too early for an adult to go to bed?", remember, this stage will pass, take the bad with the good, and always remember that this whole thing started because you love each other.

Happy Anniversary Annie!  I love you so much!


  1. Congratulations to you and your lovely wife. :) My husband and I just celebrated 18 years last weekend...and we got to celebrate it alone! But I have to tell you that with one girl entering high school and one entering 6th grade, there are days I would more than happily turn back the clock, do a few night feedings and change a few diapers to experience the magic of little childhood again. Enjoy your day with your family!

  2. Had a wonderful day with you...4 little kiddos included! Love you!